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Flora, To find out what your antique book may be worth at auction, please submit photos and an auction evaluation form on our website: secure. Hi…Wonderful Site. I have found a book from my Great grandfathers collection which I find interesting.

Each page has a red, thin lined border around it. It also has gold Guilded page edges. Thank You…. Steven, This book of Robert Burns poems is not something we would handle at auction. I have a brown leather book by Irving Knickerbocker. Titled History of New York from the Beginning of the world to the end of the dutch dynasty authors revised edition. It says only copys made. Can you please tell me what its worth? Two series on on, with illustrations in photography from pictures by T.

Dicksee and W. Herrick, and Steel Portrates from I would also like to know what its worth please. Natalie, Thanks for the comment. Blackmore with Illustrations by Frank T. Merrill written in Both books are in good shape.

Thank you for any information you might be able to give me. It says lenox july 15, Published at h. The book does not have a dust sleeve but is in very good shape.

Is it worth anything? Mandy, This is a later edition, circa Richardson, M. Published by The Commonwealth Fund, This book is red withgold embossing on the spine and a gold circle with a elephant and swastika on the cover. Pittsburgh, Pa. Feniomre cooper, NY , no cover Speeking pieces for little scholars and older pupils, Ellin peck, Boston , no cover ford v-8 car and trucks, By victor page NY , no cover where the red fern grows, By willson rawls, NY, , co cover bethlehem structural shapes, a week by themselves, By emilia norris, ny, no date, no cover Maine beautiful, wallace nutting, Massachusetts, , no cover the history of the town of bowdoinham , By silac adams, Maine , no cover dangerous days, by mary rineharnt, ny, , no cover the girlscouts rally, By kathryn gult, , no cover heart of the sunset, by rex beach, ny, , no cover the ramrodders, holman day, ny, , no cover the pride of palomar, by peter kyne, ny, , no cover the valley of the giants, by peter kyne, ny, , no cover the rider of golden bar, by william patterson white, boston, , no cover the thundering herd, zayne grey, ny, 1st adition.

Cammie, These books are not valuable, just the regular old books that people have to read. Please note that books with no covers from the 19th and 20th centuries are of little to no value, even if they may have some value in good condition. For an idea about what kinds of books end up in a rare book auction, check out our most recent catalog , from the June first auction.

I have a book that I would like to sell but have no idea of value. Hardcover dark brown with black printing and design on front cover.. I have a couple sets I am wondering about the worth of: 1. Crowell Company, New York, copyright Peale and J. Holly, These books are not of high value and are not something we would offer at auction. I recently picked up a manuscript titled Autobiography of Erastus Johnson later published in Autobiography of Erastus Johnson a chronicle of pioneer life on the east coast and the west coast.

The manuscript is in great condition and has pencil corrections throughout and author notes typed making reference to a second manuscript printed for the authors daughter however after contacting a descendant and learning what she had found in her genealogy research and the interest herself and members of the society bearing the families name had for obtaining the editions I need to seek a professional opinion. St Louis Mo. The author mentions his last visit to his family in St.

Louis Mo. Where many of his immediate family are laid to rest. The University of Berkeley in California has the manuscript from and Edward Copenhagen of Harvard special collections showed some interest in obtaining it. I know that it is probably only valuable to a descendant however there is definitely an interest. Here is a partial list of what we found:. Comstock, M. Familiar Quotations, Bartlett, H.

Caldwell, Publishers New York and Boston, unknown publishing date. Sumptibus Et Typis B. Bell and Sons, Ltd, Hart, Paul A. Samuelson, Donald H. XL, No. Thank you for the comment. These are not books we would offer at auction. The books that are parts of sets volume VIII only, etc. Burt Company, publisher. There are a few others that may be of value but these struck me as the most likely.

In most cases, books without imprint dates are later reprints. Rollo on the Rhine is a five volume set, and as a complete set has some value in the first edition Boston: W. Reynolds, , in good condition. After seeking many avenues, I have only found a few red leather books by the same publisher, however they have different covers in the fact that the gold lettering and design on the binding exterior edge of the book has more design and lettering varies.

All are published by Award Books Inc. New York, N. I have been unable to find any documentation on the publisher or dates of printing. All pages are present and in great shape, the bindings of both books however have let go for the most part.

It was published by Thomas Y. It is leather bound and in very good condition. Please let me know where i can find out the value of these and other books that i have. These books are likely not of high value. And on the cover page is an inscription, which either seems to be a love poem or poem with the authors signature- it is handwritten in the Lithuanian language and is very difficult to interpret.

I am Very Curious and intrigued. Any Thoughts? Thank you in advance for any help Laurie. Laurie, Thanks for the comment. All of the volumes are a burgundy color -and are in very good condition They were my grandparents — can you give me an idea of their value?

Kathy, These Harvard Classics are not of high value and are not something we would offer at auction. Your insight would be appreciated. Paula, This copy of Alice in Wonderland is not of high value and is not something we would offer at auction. It has a broken spine single split but all the pages are there. What might this book be worth? Should I get the spine repaired or leave it as is? Thank you very much.

This book is not of high value and is not something we would offer at auction. I came across an antique leather bound Jane Eyre C. Bront book but it is in French. I am unable to locate a copyright anywhere on it.

Redon Et J. Kelly, Thanks for the comment. Do you have any comment? Thank you in advance. Please submit photos and an auction evaluation form on our website: secure.

Published by Charles L. Just wondering if it is of any value. Lance, This edition of Huckleberry Finn is not something we would handle at auction.

Third Edition, revised and enlarged. Philadelphia: W. Saunders, Walnut Street. Edited by John M. Keating, M. Frederick A. Packard, M. Gardiner, M.

Also, can you recommend a good book restorer? The book and journals are not of high value and are not something we would offer at auction. Date is referenced in Introduction. Kathy, Rob Roy was first published in , so a later edition has value only as a book to read, not collect. Winsome, These books are not of high value.

Philadelphia: Printed for Robert Campbell, Leather Bound edition. It contains the Northwest Ordinance, which was the de facto constitution of the Territory and the basis for the free state legal philosophy of Abraham Lincoln and other abolitionists.

Original Owner signature dated I bought the book based solely on the rarity. Any thoughts on value? Complete set of Joseph Conrad leather bound book set, special edition, published by Doubleday, Doran and company for P. Kelly, Decorative sets in fine leather bindings in very good condition can have value. Please send some photographs of the sets on the shelf along with an auction evaluation form on our website: secure.

Your website is very helpful. Perhaps you could help? Christianus Reineccius, S. Apud Bernhardum Christoph. The Stillingfleet title is early, but common on the rare book market, and frankly not the most interesting read out there. Some Greek Septuagints can be very valuable, but the really collectible ones were published about years earlier.

All pages are intact, but the publication date is missing. Regards, Barbara Bessol. Generally, books from the late 19th or early 20th century with undated title pages are later reprints, and not first editions. The publisher, issuing a title with proven popularity, has intentionally omitted a date in order to extend the shelf-life of his wares. Books without publication dates are very often reprints not first or early editions.

It might also be useful to take a look at the copyright page to help determine the period of publication. But unfortunately, 19th and 20th century books without publication dates are usually reprints.

I have two books that I am having restored in period binding, pages washed etc, by a very well known restoration specialist in Alabama. Both are by the author Sir William Hope. The second is where I am having trouble finding a value for the book. The actual title is much longer. I can only find some sparse information on this one, but would like to get a rough value as well, one to make sure I am spending money wisely on the restoration and two to possibly sell at auction.

Thanks, Josh. Josh, please submit photos of the books using the auction evaluation form on our website: secure. It a compilation of her poems of passion, miscellaneous, pleasure, philosophical, cheer and sentiment. I believe it is an edition de luxe limited to copies, printed on hand made paper, bound in vellum and its signed by both the author and artist. Any idea on value would be appreciated.

Many thanks Diane. Diane, To find out what your Ella Wheeler Wilcox book of poems may be worth at auction, please submit photos and an auction evaluation form on our website: secure. It was written by S. It is bound, but the cover is not attached.

Otherwise it is in good condition. Do you have any idea if it may be of any value? I can find really no info on it except the S.

Patent pending is also printed under the publishing company name. Thanks for you for any assistance you can provide. Andrea — This book is not of high value and is not something we would offer at auction. Please contact me. Thanks Ron. I have a book my grandmother gave me. The tittle: The prince and the pauper.

Author: Samuel L. The book does not have a copy right date. It does have on the title page: tThe Goldsmith Publishing Co. Chicago New York. It also has manufactured in The United States of America. Also has notes at the end of the book.

I was curious if this book has any value. Pam, This book is not of high value. It is written by Miriam Blanton Huber. The copyright is Row, Peterson and Company. Do you have any idea if this book is of value. It has a picture of a women on the front and she is sitting at a desk writing a letter.

The hard cover is in yellows and reds. It was my Aunts book and I wonder if it has any value. I have a first edition Grapes of Wrath. Purchased the book from Asprey in Includes dust jacketand plastic cover. Full description describes very good condition of jacket, pages and spine. Stuart, To find out the possible value at auction, please submit photos of the book and an auction evaluation form on our website: secure.

I have a book written by Edward Payson Roe. Published by Dodd, Mead and Company. The binding has become worn but it is still pretty in tact. There is also a signature of an owner from Farmington,Maine on one of the blanks.

Do you think this is of value? Candace, This book is not of high value and is not something we would offer at auction. They belonged to Latisha Beauchamp Proctor there is a bookplate , signed Susan, These two old books are not of high value and are not something we would offer at auction.

I have a book that I would like to know if it is rare. Thackeray, Esq. Thank you for any info you can give me. This Charlotte Bronte book is not something we would handle at auction. Hello, I purchased a brown leather bound book, cover says Shakespeare Illustrated, when you open the book it says An Art Edition of Shakespeare classified as Comedies, Tragedies, Histories and Sonnets. Each part arranged in chronological order. Arranged and compiled by C.

But the odd thing about the book is the back of the book has an attached blue Shakespeare Illustrated hard cover. I would give it a fair condition rating because of some spotting, frayed pages, and the spine of the book has some fraying. Can you tell me if this book is worth anything? Heidi, Thanks for the comment.

In appreciation of more than twenty years of help, advice, and encouragement. Holly, This book is not of high value and is not something we would offer at auction. Hi I have a Book made in Gold Pages, the cover is something soft and like velvet …. If interested drop a line at info mcaroell. I have a book called Arrowsmith. Printed in the USA. This book is a red cloth hardback book, with gold lettering.

I have no clue of the value. Shaynon, This book is not of high value and is not something we would offer at auction. My Grandmother passed away about 4 years ago retired from Working in the School System for 30 years. When she passed away, upon inheriting her estate-we found many school books dated back to these dates. Is there any value to them? I feel he might have been holding back… What do you think? Hello, I cleaned out an old bookcase and came across books published prior to The copywrite dates are ,, Miss Keller signed this book for my Grandfather April 23, The only part of the dust jacket remaining is the cover.

It is torn at the edges and wrinkled but the cover photos can still be made out. We were always amazed the someone that was blind could write so clearly. I am wondering if there is any value to these books or what you can tell me about them. Illustrated by Harold Brett. The preface in the book explains that parts are not in this book based on the original 2 volumes because it would be of no interest to young boys and girls.

Any value to this book? Thanks Robert DiSpaldo. I have an old book I inherited; it is the direct lineage of Cyrus McCormick. Among a lot of antique books that I bought at auction recently were three written by Lord Alfred Douglas Bosie mainly on the subject of Oscar Wilde.

Very good condition repress from There is a signature in pen on the inside cover page by Thomas Hope Floyd and dated June 6 I enjoy reading your replies here. I have.. It from McLoughlin Brothers. Title is.. It is a 16 page illustrated alphabet book , chromolithographs. I have tried for hours to try and find a single one for sale or has been sold. I can only find one — in the museum library of a university in Florida.

I am wondering the value and also wondering how rare the book may be. Also if it would be auction material. Thanks in advance..

Jason, To find out what your alphabet book may be worth at auction, please submit photos and an auction evaluation form on our website: secure. Hi I have a Holy Bible with wood cover with crosses on front and Jerusulem on the back. Londow and Glasgow Collins Clear-type press.

It also has colored illustration throughout old and new testaments. Would you be able to provide estimate value? This bible is not of high value and is not something we would offer at auction.

Book appears to be in German I think. I cannot tell if it is complete or not? Please take a photo of the title page, and submit an auction evaluation form on our website: secure. Houghton and company. Can you give any kind of info.? Bobbi, These old books are not of high value and are not something we would offer at auction. I found it at an estate sale on Long Island, NY.

I did some investigating to find out about it. It was published by Frank Moore Lupton who started his own publishing company, in Lupton Publishing Company.

These books are thread sewn not wired. Printed from large type on good paper, and bound in very attractive covers. The cover from , matches my book.

Mary, To find out what your Charles Dickens book may be worth at auction, please submit photos and an auction evaluation form on our website: secure. Assisted by: Prof. Partial leather covers in good condition. I have 11 Charles Dickens books that has copy write of Are these something I should look further into? There is no publishing date.

Printed by Oxford University Press. There is a preface on pages by the author explaining how the book came to be. On the last printed page it shows John Johnson, printer to the University.

It is in good condition. Does this have any value as a single work or must it be part of the twenty volumes.? Hello, I have 2 books William Shakespears complete works volume 1 and 2 and it says chicago W.

B Conkey company both volumes are in condition , with an introduction to each play, adapted from the shakespeare primer of professor Dowden. And illustrated. Not sure of the value? I have a leather bound book called Poetical Works of Robert Burns. It has gilt-edged pages, and although there is no publication date, it was published in Edinburgh W. It is not in perfect condition, but is complete, showing signs of many readings. Any thoughts as to potential value?

Thank you in advance for any assistance you may offer. If you could give me some help with this. I have been unable to find any book that resmbles this one. Kent, This book is not of high value and is not something we would offer at auction. Is this a first American edition printing?

It is probably in fair to good condition for a Y. Any thoughts on approximate value? Eric, Thank you for your comment. I have 3 very old books and wanted to know there value. The first one is Black Beauty by Anna Sewell, copyright date The book is a hardback book in excellent condition with a book jacket that has wear and tear.

The third one is The Borrowers by Mary Norton, copyright date This is also a hardback book in excellent condition with a book jacket that has wear and tear. Elisa These old books are not of high value. I have Vol. I do not know the whereabouts of the 4th volume. These are first editions and I believe is numbered of Is there still value without the fourth volume.

Dan, There may still be value to these books. Two others listed below. Original Illustrations by E. A Abby. The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck , great condition with signature of first page, not title page. The Viking Press New York. All pictures included on. Craig, These books are not of high value. I have a first edition book.

Natur und Kerz. Published in Berlin, Cant find much info about this book. I would like to find out any info about it and possibly sell it. Ricky, This book is not of high value and is not something we would offer at auction.

Viking Press. It says Publication Date April. Red paper spine, thin paper cover with 2 smaller papers glued on it. One is the Viking Press paper with the information above, the other is what looks like a newsprint paper with information about the book. The last 3 pages have separated from the binding, but they are present, although those 3 pages have frayed edges.

Robert, This book is not of high value and is not something we would offer at auction. Looking through some books which belonged to my Uncle. Would you be able to assess if there is any value in them? Greatly appreciative. Hare Fifteenth Edition published in in good condition. Robert, These books are not of high value. Undated editions are almost always later reprints. Thank you so much for all the work youre doing here for so many.. I am an antiques collector and found a book at a yard sale that I could not pass up.

It is a mdcccciii and is a first edition. London and Edinburg. It has a very interesting cover with a Royal gentleman riding a horse and a dog running if front of him.

In the background is a castle. I like to know the value of my antiques and have not been able to find the value of this book. Can you help? You may be able to find out more about your book on worldcat. Publisher info appears as: London, Geo. Peirce, Printer, ,Strand. I can only find a few references to it and it seems to have been a very early translation from Any ideas? Hi Matthew. Do you still have this? I think this was the first english translation from Jan How much would you be willing to sell it for?

I have a second edition copy from New York Jane Eyre. It is my favorite thing regardless of value. We are open for valuations , entries and collections Monday – Friday 9. Subscribe to Newsletter. Follow Us All rights reserved. Privacy Policy. Location Map and Directions. Choose Category I’m interested in good usable tools I’m a collector of antique tools.

Welcome To Tooltique Tooltique was originally started in the late 70’s by my father selling quality reconditioned used tools and Antique Tools here in Norwich, Norfolk, Read more about us. Vintage Planes Whether your plane of choice is either Lie Nielson, Clifton, Veritas, Stanley or Irwin there are many reasons to consider an old refurbished plane first. Vintage Leather workers Tools With the rise in popularity leather working it’s a hobby on the rise, whilst for some it has become a new profession.

General Vintage Tools Check out our general tool section and have a good rummage, it’s surprising what handy tools you will find there. Antique Tools Our antique tool section has all the old tools that collectors would be interested in rather than general tools used by traditional craftsmen.

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Vintage Woodworking Edge Tools Vintage and Antique Woodworking Edge Tools many suitable for use and some so old they just belong in a collection or a museum. Miscellaneous Antiques On our travels we come across antiques and collectibles which are suitable for other collectors, why not check out our latest additions for sale.

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Read more. Samples of the Tools Sold Here. About us Tooltique is based in Norwich and was established 30 years ago by my father. Old tool refurbishment At Tooltique we add value to many old tools by restoring their accuracy and by improving their functionality. Selling Antique Tools There are various ways of selling your Antique tools but as reputable used tool dealer we can always help those looking to sell them in one swift transaction.

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Lewis Carroll. Agatha Christie. Arthur Conan Doyle. Winston Churchill. Roald Dahl. Charles Darwin. Daniel Defoe. Charles Dickens. Walt Disney. Scott Fitzgerald. Ian Fleming. Kenneth Grahame. Thomas Hardy. Ernest Hemingway. Rudyard Kipling. Herman Melville. John Milton. Isaac Newton. George Orwell. Edgar Allan Poe. Beatrix Potter. Arthur Rackham. Virginia Woolf. Print Catalogues. Fair Lists.

Add to Basket. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. Explore our shelves. Modern Literature Rare first editions, signed and inscribed copies, deluxe and collectible editions of books, pamphlets, and ephemera containing poetry, novels, short stories, plays, and other written works published in or after Books laced with contemporary and long-term appeal, distinguished by fine condition and the touch of the unique.

I am a rare-book dealer in London. My business is mainly by catalogue and ABE of course. Books from a few years ago to many centuries ago. Happy Reading. Ron Lieberman, has been an antiquarian bookseller, rare book appraiser, and library consultant for over thirty six years.

His book stock includes over 40, volumes in all fields. The Fine Books Company, which began purchasing rare and collectible items in and selling same in , is located everywhere a computer may be accessed. A near 20 year member of the Antiquarian Booksellers Association of America and The International League of Antiquarian Booksellers, we have travelled to, purchased and sold books on, every continent save Antarctica as we are unaware of any commercial book activity there.

Although we may be biased towards the fields of creativity, namely all genres of fiction in first edition, we have branched out to include many areas of non-fiction as well so that our stock of over 40, items, which includes books, periodicals, letters and manuscripts, is now more balanced than it has ever been before.

We issue occasional virtual catalogues which only reveal a small portion of our newest inventory , quickly reply to all inquiries, do appraisals upon request and somehow have managed to publish 18 books along the way. A “Heritage” member of AbeBooks, our specialty is service.

You can write us in English, French, German or Dutch. Antiquarian bookshop was born in thanks to Alfredo Gilibert, great bibliophile and collector of every kind of art on paper during his entire life. His son Massimo is the owner today, responsible for keeping on the family tradition. The bookshop is on two floors in the magnificent liberty gallery Galleria Subalpina, in the heart of Turin, between two important squares: Piazza Castello and Piazza Carlo Alberto.

The Gilibert gallery publishes two catalogues each year with a selection of rare books: please ask to receive them for free. In Gilibert antiquarian bookshop opened a new specialized department with XX century rare books and posters.

The second shop offers XX cent. Is located in Vianen, near Utrecht, The Netherlands. We are member of the ILAB, and have been in business since Please contact us for further details. We issue catalogues. Browse or search our stock. I am increasingly trying to focus on pre and genuinely antiquarian works. A background as an academic historian of Psychology and familiarity with broader history of science and medicine often helps me spot the obscure but interesting or important item.

I have a full set of subject catalogues to facilitate easy browsing. German, French and a few other non-English publications are also given separate subject catalogues though not for ‘Language and Linguistics’. I am happy to answer any queries. Is located in Brockenhurst, Hampshire and specialises in rare and out of print books and periodicals in the field of architecture, architectural history and the allied arts.

We also offer books on town planning, building construction, interior decoration and ornament, furniture, sculpture, landscape gardening and other related subjects. Illustrated catalogues are issued regularly. In , Island Books celebrates their 35th anniversary. Is located in Paddington, a couple of minutes from the station and Heathrow Express.

We welcome visitors but it is necessary to make an appointment. Located in Cheltenham, UK, is a long-established dealer in autograph letters, historical documents and textual manuscripts, together with signed photographs and other related material having a close association with historical figures in all fields. Womens Studies and Feminism.

Gureilla Movements. Is physically located in London but in reality is virtually located everywhere. Wants lists welcome. Offers antiquarian, old, and rare books and prints with strict specialization in the following areas: Military History, Militaria, and Uniformology; Holy Land and Palestine, with emphasis on illustrated works and accounts of early travellers, pilgrims, and researchers to the Holy Land; History of Economic Thought; Ancient Egyptian Archaeology, Egyptology, Ancient Near East, and Classics.

Operating from our newly renovated, 19th Century spacious Bookroom at the Old Centre of The Hague, we sell and buy internationally. Is located in Arezzo, Tuscany Italy. Our family has been collecting old and rare books for over a decade. All our descriptions are endowed with a broad bibliography. Is located in North Wales. Selling rare books on Wales, the Welsh and other books with a Welsh interest. Fine and Custom bindings, Private Press and rare early antiquarian books.

Open Wednesday to Saturday or via the website www. Is located in London, and their specialties are Travel Books, English-language literature of all periods, Continental books including incunabula, Natural History and Science, Military History, Autographs and Manuscripts, Illuminated manuscripts and miniatures, Fine printing, illustrated books and Bookbindings.

Based in Norfolk, England, is a small site that includes a number of rare books, mostly antique, some unique, being the only one for sale anywhere on the Internet, and various not listed on BL British Library. We have been buying and selling rare, antiquarian and scholarly books for over 25 years, specializing in tribal and ancient cultures and we carry stock of many thousands of works on travel, anthropology, ethnology, art, archaeology and colonial literature.

These cover the tribal cultures of Africa, Oceania, Asia, and the Americas; as well as those of Egypt, Greece and Rome and the ancient world in general. We also sell travel and history books, art books, and general ethnology relating to these areas as well as photographs, maps, prints and related ephemera. We have helped to build several fine collections and can offer a full range of services to individuals and institutions. You may buy with confidence from us. We issue catalogues frequently throughout the year on our particular subjects, catalogues can be despatched on request to any area of the world and books can be easily ordered and shipped.

We accept all major credit cards. All books are insured at our expense whilst in transit. Although we trade from a private premises, any book may be viewed and examined, please ring, write or email to make an appointment. We will undertake commission bidding for clients and have done so very successfully for many years.

This includes not only the bidding but also the examination and reporting on the various lots. We can advise clients on all aspects of collecting and bibliography including the formation of libraries and collections; bookbinding, restoration and conservation; valuations; and shipping and carriage. We specialise in the fields of gardening, horticulture, planthunting and related travel, and most areas of natural history.

We have a very varied stock, from early herbals through to modern paperbacks. Only a very small part of our stock is on-line, so please enquire if you are seraching for books in our fields. Established A member of the Provincial Booksellers Fairs Association, we provide a friendly, helpful and efficient service to academics, academic institutions, collectors and history enthusiasts worldwide. We have a collection of illustrated art books including children’s illustrated.

Leather bound copies of Bunyon, Cowper. Early Bibles, topography, mountaineering, railway. This Oxfam shop permanently offers a changing stock of general second-hand and antiquarian books. Online we put in the first place older scientific books we got as a gift from the libraries of different departments of the University of Ghent.

Parrott Books have been trading online for over 6 years – building a reputation for good quality books at very competitive prices.

We stock the complete range of books but are particularly strong in Military and History. Our online catalogue currently represents a small but growing section of our shop stock of over 25, books. Our main shop can be found in Wantage, Oxfordshire. Located in Stockwell, London a short distance from Victoria Station, visitors are welcome anytime by appointment. Regular catalogues and Internet listings with full descriptions are in Spanish.

For many years I have worked on a cartobibliography of Menorca and the Balearic Islands and welcome information on anything rare. A leader in the field of crime and mystery fiction since Based in Sussex, England, Ralph Spurrier the owner, has handled some of the rarest items within his specialisation over the intervening 25 years. Also the leading UK supplier of new signed first editions. We appraise books and documents in many different fields for purposes of tax-deductible gifts, insurance, estate settlement, etc.

Rickaro Books is located in the heart of the small, historic township of Horbury. The town is famed for its classical, John Carr designed church, historic buildings and interesting shops. Our stock is wide ranging and includes first editions of modern literature, we always carry an interesting selection of collectable and antiquarian titles. Our specialities are military, T. So why not contact us and see if we have that title that you have been seeking.

Rickaro Books with over 30 years of experience in bookselling and customer care. In addition to our bookselling interests we will undertake valuations and work for libraries on indentification and valuation of rare books. We are one of the few antiquarian booksellers in the far west county of Cornwall in England. We not suprisingly specialise in books, prints, maps, relating to the counties of Cornwall and Devon, altough we carry a large stock of books on other English counties, and issue an annual catalogue on British Topography.

We also have a wide general stock, with an emphasis on the sciences, natural history, etc. We also specialises in early printed books and occasionally issue a catalogue on this subject with an emphasis on pre Engish books. We trade from private premises and an appointment is essential to view our stock, we list books on the internet only on AbeBooks and our own website www. I make every effort to have personal contact with my customers to ensure they are completely happy with the item they have purchase and the service they have receive.

Has been growing, free of mission statements, plans and budgets, since or was it ? With about twelve rooms full of books and music, new, second-hand and antiquarian, including a children’s bookroom that is a shop in itself and a vegetarian cafe behind the secret door, this must be one of the most enjoyable shops you can find. We call it a bookshop for the majority of minorities. Cromford is a hub of transport by road, rail and canal on the edge of the Derbyshire Peak District, the bookshop, overlooking the mill pond is hard to find but hard to leave.

Events here include an annual Apple Day, unpredictable meetings of the Cafe Philosophique, a weekly Buddhist gathering and frequent celebrations of the Derbyshire school of children’s writers.

Is located in London, and their specialties are fine art reference, monographs, modern illustrated books, catalogues raisonnes and antiquarian. Is a small, Internet-only bookseller. Our speciality is works by, about and connected with John Buchan. Although best known for he wrote over books, both fiction and non-fiction. In addition he contributed forewords, prefaces etc. We aim to stock a representative selection of his work at all times and are always ready to seek out titles you are looking for.

Specializes in science with an emphasis on mathematics and physics. We deal in material from all periods, but as a particular characteristic we focus on important discoveries of recent times which have not yet entered the standard bibliographies.

The company was established by Christian Westergaard in June Before then Christian worked for twelve years at Scandinavia’s oldest antiquarian book shop. Christian received his master’s degree in mathematics from the University of Copenhagen in