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Is Audirvāna Studio bit-perfect? – Audirvāna Studio – Audirvana

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-CUSTOMER VALUE-. Mar 09,  · Hi, I bought a WiiM Mini Streamer for 99EUR. Connected by optical TOSLINK to an optical splitter. One output of the splitter goes into a Topping E30 DAC and then to a headphone amp. The other output of the splitter goes into an optical input of my AV receiver. There has been a firmware update. Now download and run an app like the BitPerfect and make the same test. You should now observe that the core settings are actively adapted for each and every song you play in iTunes. This is what players like Amarra Music Player, Pure Music and Audirvana also does; they take active control and optimize the core audio settings to avoid any local.


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WiiM Mini Streamer. Thread starter Globuli Start date Feb 23, Globuli New Member. Joined Feb 2, Messages 2 Likes 3. The other output of the splitter goes into an optical input of my AV receiver. From my understanding the optical out should now send the original music signal to the DAC without having any influence on the music quality. Is there any chance that a very much more expensive streamer can have any advantage in audio quality? Or only snakeoil?

Just speaking about digital out, not the DAC inside the streamer. Cheers Mario. Joined Dec 29, Messages 59 Likes Joined Dec 3, Messages 90 Likes Globuli said:. Click to expand Joined Oct 5, Messages 55 Likes With Qobuz and my Plex server works great. And no clicks when changing frequencies. Excellent transport. Joined Dec 6, Messages 1, Likes 1, It all depends on how “lossless” and “bit-perfect” Wiim Mini really is.

I am still skeptical until the device is tested properly. All of LinkPlay’s previous devices have measured poorly by amirm. This one uses a newer LinkPlay module than those devices Songbird, KEiiD, Audioengine, many others , which, hopefully, provides cleaner output, particularly via the optical out.

Someone send one to amirm to test Joined Feb 18, Messages 42 Likes Amir has one on his front porch or garage door. He’s going to be reviewing it any day!!!! The device is very impressive it does all that Sonos devices can in terms of streaming and has optical out to boot.

This is what Sonos should have done in the first place. That would have helped the DIY community plenty. Sonos speakers are good but they need to realize that they are not a speaker company or a DAC company.

Joined Nov 7, Messages 12 Likes Has anyone tried it? That probably seals the deal for me. Unless it tests out poorly. Jmudrick Addicted to Fun and Learning. Joined Oct 7, Messages Likes I’ve been using the device for awhile. No issues with sound quality but a couple of real usability issues with the Home app: there is no way to queue multiple Qobuz albums unless you go to the trouble of creating a playlist in advance of the listening session. Even worse, DLNA file playback requires you queue one track at a time.

Notwithstanding, it’s become my go-to for Qobuz playback as at least the gapless playback works more reliably than Audirvana for me. I just received my Wiim streamer, and it is a nice little unit. Easy to set up. I am using optical out to Schiit Modi. Does this imply that So long as it has stable clocks and a decent UI, it should work fine. Seems good value if you already have a DAC, amp etc. Can it use a DLNA source? Jmudrick said:. See comment above.

Yes but enqueue one track at a time with my server software Bubbleupnp, Emby. FuzzTone Member. Joined Mar 7, Messages 39 Likes 7. Joined Oct 16, Messages 72 Likes Is it acceptable? Amir has a review unit. I asked him to check built-in DAC as well as line-in performance. Thank you. You must log in or register to reply here. Similar threads. Replies Views 97K. Sunday at AM mediocrebutarrogant. WiiM mini streamer. Replies 5 Views 2K.

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› forum › threads › page The difference between Audirvana and bit perfect is clearly audible – which is exactly why those who prefer Audirvana, buy it at € a pop.