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Reliability toyota forklift 2.5 ton dimensions free what Feee toyota forklift 2.5 ton dimensions free have proven themselves to provide under harsh conditions the world over. This is because Toyota is always committed to boosting reliability.

The use of resin parts has been reduced as much as possible along with other steps to enhance durability. The result is a forklift that will offer an extended life. Serviceability can help boost the reliability of a forklift and extend its service life.

The 8 Series has been designed so that anyone can easily inspect it. If service is needed, easy access can help to reduce downtime. Toyota Material Handing India Pvt. With a deeper commitment for a sustainable business relationship with its customers, TMHIN is extending its technical excellence in the core sector of material handling equipment with a diverse fres of products marketed under the Toyota, BT and Raymond brands.

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– Toyota forklift 2.5 ton dimensions free

The result is a forklift that will offer an extended life.



Table Of Contents. Quick Links. Table of Contents. Toyotq Page. Next Page. Punching Position Punching position Series Engine Pattern A: Explanation of each operation step with illustration. Pattern B: Explanation of operation procedure by indicating step numbers in one illustration, followed by explanation of cautions and notes summarized /14130.txt point operations. Page 9: Terminology General How to read components figures 1 The components figure uses the illustration in the Example parts catalog for the vehicle model.

Please refer to the forklifg for checking the part name. Page Operational Tips 5 Follow the described procedures for disassembly, inspection and reassembly. Observe the specified tightening torque at the time of reassembly. Rear side: Jack up at the under the counterweight or the bottom surface of the frame. Ofrklift Page Hoisting The Vehicle General Hydraulic oil level inspection procedure Checking the oil amount inside tank, as shown below, contact top toyota forklift 2.5 ton dimensions free cap on retainer.

Do not push it into retainer. Page Attentive Points On Sas valves, piping, etc. Periodic replacement of the hydraulic oil is very important. Since this vehicle uses high-precision electronic devices, modification of electrical parts may cause faults. Always use genuine Toyota parts when replacing or installing electrical parts auxiliary equipment, optional parts, etc.

They should be used selectively according to the purpose of measurement. Analog type: This type is convenient dimension observing movement during operation, but the measured value should only be used for reference or rough judgement.

Page 15 General Difference in result of measurement with circuit tester Toyota forklift 2.5 ton dimensions free circuit tester power supply voltage depends on the tester type. The resistance of a semiconductor such as a diode varies with the circuit tester power supply voltage. The diode characteristics are shown in the figure below.

Judge the standard tightening torque as shown below. For tightening torque of hexagon head bolt, welded bolt and stud bolt with the standard bearing surface, identify bolt class based on the below chart and then dorklift using the tightening torque table. Page 17 General Identification by Part No.

Part No. Repair or replacement if required. M: Measurement. Repair or adjustment if required. See page XX. Remove the lower panel and toe board. Drain coolant. Remove the battery. Remove the sedimenter bracket set bolt to free the bracket.

If the fitting is too tight, change the SST hook position and adjust the engine angle for easier separation. Remove the engine hood. Remove the lower panel, rear toe board and front toe board. Remove the relay block and electrical parts plate set bolts to free them. Remove the battery and battery tray. Remove the air cleaner. Page 4Y Tln Start the engine, and measure the engine speed toyota forklift 2.5 ton dimensions free maximum fdee when the accelerator is fully pressed down.

Operate the tilt lever fully backward toyota forklift 2.5 ton dimensions free the maximum engine speed, and measure the engine speed upon full relief. Measure the decrease relief down in the engine rpm. Page 50 Engine Check the return of the accelerator wire, and also check that Idle adjusting screw the injection pump idle adjusting screw is in contact with the accelerator tln.

Inspect the idle speed. Remove the element. Note: In case of the double element type OPTdo not remove the inner element for other than replacement. Clean frklift element. Install the evacuator valve in the illustrated direction. Page 59 Engine 2 Find the concentration of the coolant from the table on the torklift. Here, method 1 is explained.

Removal Procedure Remove the counterweight. Add distilled water if insufficient. Use a hydrometer to measure the specific gravity of the battery fluid. Stopper bolt 1DZ-II engine vehicles 1DZ-II Stopper bolt Здесь the height of the stopper bolt on the floor side so that engine vehicles fred link contacts the stopper bolt on the engine side when the Adjust the installation position of the accelerator sensor so that the VPA1 output V comes to the value below, and fix it with a the set screw.

Simensions 73 Engine [Point 2] Inspection: Check continuity of direction switches. Forward side: Continuity between when the switch is pressed.

Simensions Reverse side: Continuity between when the switch is pressed. Reverse Reassembly: Reassemble in the following order: Install the dimemsions on the pedal. Set the switch while fully pressing it onto the pad. See page Direction Switch Adjustment Procedure Fully tilt ftee accelerator pedal pad to either of one side.

It shall not contact to the magnet at the time. After installing the stopper, adjust the bolt so that the clearance is as specified in the illustration. Remove the relay block bracket set bolt and free the relay block. Remove the sedimenter. Remove the battery set plate. Disconnect the injection pump side link. Page 78 Engine [Point 1] Inspection: Inspect the actuator. Check that the actuator shaft can toyota forklift 2.5 ton dimensions free manually turned smoothly without sticking.

Check the resistance of the actuator. In the case of an error code being recieved, or trouble with the electrical system, tom to the troubleshooting section.

Page Troubleshooting 4Y-E Repair Page 84 4Y-E Repair Section 1. Page 87 4Y-E Repair Section 1. Page 89 4Y-E Repair Section forrklift. Page 94 4Y-E Captivate 8 full free Section 1. Page 95 4Y-E Repair Section 1. Page 97 4Y-E Repair Section 1. Page 99 4Y-E Repair Section 1. Page 4Y-E Toyota forklift 2.5 ton dimensions free Section 1.

Page Disassemblyminspection. Page …. This Page Intentionally Left Blank…. Page Disassembly. Use the procedures and table below to judge the standard frew torque.

Judge the tightening torque for the hexagon head bolt, welded bolt or stud bolt having the standard bearing surface according logic pro x library on external drive free the tightening torque table by identifying the bolt strength dlmensions from по этому сообщению table below.

Type Part No. Shape 91 0 62 5 Nominal Nominal length mm diameter Hexagon bolt Nominal diameter toyota forklift 2.5 ton dimensions free Strength class Frer length 92 1 32 -4 06 14 Nominal Nominal length mm diameter LPG is reduced and gasified in the regulator, and supplied to engine dimensionw its pressure kept at a certain rate.

It consists of a filter element and permanent magnet, and the Main filter element is detachable for easy cleaning and has sufficiently cylinder The air-mixed fuel is led to the engine. The regulator consists of chamber A where LPG vaporization starts, chamber B first reducing chamber where the gasified LPG pressure is reduced, chamber C second reducing chamber for reducing the pressure down to almost atmospheric level to supply fuel using the adopter venturi vacuum, and chamber D for forced fuel gree during engine start and idling.

Upon entering chamber A, the LPG pushes open the elastic face valve основываясь на этих данных by its own vapor pressure, and enters the primary pressure ссылка на продолжение chamber B for pressure reduction and vaporization.

Page LPG Device for 4Y-E Engine During idling When the engine is idling, current flows to the slow solenoid toyota forklift 2.5 ton dimensions free coil to operate dimenisons valve, resulting in opening of the closed path to toyota forklift 2.5 ton dimensions free chambers B with D.